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This is Penny

This is Penny! She is 2 years old. She is a BEAUTIFUL white, blue merle lady. She takes some time to warm up to a new home, but when she does she is loving, gentle and kind! She knows a LOT of commands, walks well on a leash, and is good with all people and some other dogs. She doesn't do well with some female dogs, but may do better if she is spayed. She plays fetch which is pretty cool for a Collie. She can be rehomed for breeding or as a companion. We truly hate to part with her, but we are considering packing up the female side of the business for now (personal reasons). See her tab for information on her genetic testing and pedigree. She has been heavily tested for any genetic diseases and her eyes have been checked by an ACVO doctor. She has been completely cleared. A white Collie with perfect eyes! Wow! Contact us for more information. 

some pictures by Michael Watkins


More pictures

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